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AMP Financial Planning
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AMP Financial Planning

AMP Financial Planning

AMP would have to be Australia’s best known financial planning and services company. Having advertised for decades through local media – the AMP brand is synonymous with quality financial advice. AMP holds the title of Australia’s largest financial planning firm, with more locations than any other provider. Their financial advice services have been in operation for more than 160 years. Their primary product for the financial planning arm is what they call their “Investment Solutions”. These include a suite of award-winning investment packages with product to suit every need, budget and goal.

AMP Financial Planners will always commence their service with an evaluation of your goals. It is important that your goals are obtainable, but stretch beyond what you would expect to be normal. Once your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals have been established – your adviser can begin recommending investment options for you.

These recommendations will be made based on a couple of assessments. The first is your risk tolerance profile – this comes down to how much you have to invest and your attitude toward risk. Volatility can work for or against you, so choosing an investment option that matches your attitude to risk is very important. If you are adverse to risk taking, a conservative approach may be taken. This involves investment options that are known to be secure, yield promising returns and provide peace of mind that your asset base is secure.

Some of the investment options available through AMP include savings accounts, term deposits, bonds, debentures, buildings, land, factories and shares (both Australian and international equities). A summary of some of their products has been prepared below.

Flexible Lifetime® – Investments

This product offers a lower entry point than the rest of AMPs Financial Planning products. It gives you the tools and the opportunities of a big-time investor – without all the capital. The investments are tailored to you, with the benefit of emerging sharemarket opportunities. It also allows you to switch between investment options at any time, completely free of charge.

North® Investment

This product is for the serious investor with the capital to match. Boasting more than 330 investment options and income guarantees, this is a very professional investment product. AMP even has the technology to allow you to monitor your investment and its performance, real time at any time of the day or night.

AMP Growth Bond

This is the most tax effective option available with AMP. Promising only 30% tax on earnings, zero tax on withdrawals performed more than ten years after the bond was taken out, and access to your retirement funds early – this product is very appealing and popular with AMP Financial Planning clients.

AMP Personalised Portfolio

AMP knows that some people just like to play. A Personalised Portfolio is ideal for the toying investor. It gives you the control of your investment choices – but offers professional guidance and advice. It’s much like investing with a mentor or secondary adviser, with your hands on the steering wheel. This product is highly personalised, tailored to suit your tax needs and the portfolio can be placed in the hands of your AMP financial planner at any time.


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Find the best financial planner for you. Click Here