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Hewison Private Wealth
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Hewison Private Wealth

Hewison Private Wealth


In today’s world, it is a tough enough task to earn money. But it is tougher still to manage the wealth you have earned by hard work. Wealth management means different things to different people, so there cannot be one common way of investing your wealth. Hewison Private Wealth recognizes the individuality of every client and personally tailors a plan. They advise specifically according to the client’s financial needs.

The Hewison Team

Their team has advisers, client service managers, and other staff. At Hewison, integrity and ethical behavior are of highest priority, and are non-negotiable. The team is proud to be considered as one of the leading independent wealth management firms within this industry. Experienced private client advisor, John Hewison heads the team with Andrew Hewison, and is ably supported by well-qualified team members.


All of the private client advisers of Hewison are tertiary qualified. They proudly hold the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional designation. They also have additional specializations in self-managed superannuation. Hewison insists that all their private client advisers participate in their mentoring program which consists of four years of professional in-house training that is supervised.

Tailored to your needs

As a successful professional or a business person, you have worked hard to establish your career. You now need innovative advice to plan for a future, with an assured financial plan. A plan that ensures maximum long-term benefits is vital. Hewison Private Wealth provides tailored, personal advice that is planned so that you can make the most effective use of your money.

Range of services

Hewison’s bespoke financial plans that are designed to help you achieve your financial goals include,

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Salary Packaging and Tax Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation and Planning

Hewison Private Wealth provides you with insightful, structural advice to ensure that the wealth you have created continues to grow. They offer some ‘out of the box’ ideas to have a wide and diverse portfolio. They work closely with their clients, understand their requirements, goals and suggest a plan that best suits their needs. Some such services are:

  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Borrowing to Invest
  • Succession and Estate Planning

You have toiled for several years, and there comes a time to reap the rewards, and enjoy life. Hewison Private Wealth provides you with stable, low-risk advice that will ensure that your assets are secure. They provide all their clients with private advisors and specially designated client service managers to offer support and guidance. Some of their asset management strategies are:

  • Investment Selection and Wealth Protection
  • Retirement Planning Advice
  • Succession and Estate Planning

Range of solutions

Hewison Private Wealth is committed to giving their clients truly unbiased and independent advice. They plan out financial strategies that are personalized for individual clients. They ensure that the client has no problems through the various stages of life. The private advisors readily offer suggestions on Superannuation & SMSF. They help building a retirement plan that is flexible and suitable for the client. You may seek their advice on:

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Cash Flow Management & Tax Planning
  • Succession & Estate Management
  • Risk Assessment & Wealth Protection

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