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Date:November 3, 2015 10:49 pm

Shadforth Financial Group


How confident would you feel if one of Australia’s best financial and business advisory firms took charge of all your business aspirations? Very confident, isn’t? Well, Shadforth Financial Group does that for you. SMFS helps you realize your business aspirations by unlocking the true potential of your business. They are totally independent financial planners who are not attached to any bank or financial institution. They offer you unbiased business solutions.

Who are SFG?

SFG is a non-aligned, client focused, financial firm which specializes in end-to –end wealth management and business advice. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:SFW). Shadforth has come a long way since it started in Tasmania in 1924. With this rich heritage and wealth of experience, SFG has played an important role in the success story of many a businessman.

What they do

SFG helps create a personalized financial plan for you, based on your ambitions and goals in life. It will be a unique blend of wealth creation strategies, superannuation, taxation, investment, and risk management that are all tailored to suit your own plans and circumstances. The financial plan is not set and forgotten. SFG continues to assess the progress of your investments. They offer regular reviews and arrange for meetings with your advisor. The services they offer include:

  • Personal strategic financial advise
  • Planning cash flow and modeling scenario
  • Consulting and administration of Investment portfolio
  • Salary package, redundancy advice and career change advice
  • Superannuation and self- managed superannuation advice and implementation.
  • Structured Investments
  • Corporate superannuation and other corporate services
  • Retirement planning
  • Mortgage broking and lending services
  • General Insurance broking
  • Personal risk insurance broking
  • Aged care advisory services
  • Estate planning

The Value of advice

It is not uncommon to find people taking care of their own financial investments, often under the mistaken notion that nobody else can help them as much. While they may feel happy with the results they get from their investments, most often they don’t realize what they are missing until it is too late. Consultants at Shadforth advisors work in finance planning every day. So they have a keen eye for identifying good opportunities for people, and helping clients to make the most of them. Their valuable advice includes:

  • Knowing and understanding the client so as to help him set achievable goals.
  • Simplify the client’s finances so that he can feel that he is in control.
  • Reduce the client’s anxiety about the future.
  • Help the client make smart decisions.
  • Provide the client with reliable, valuable, and timely communications and reporting.

Shadforth Financial Group genuinely cares about the value of the advice they provide to their clients. They are always centered on the client’s goals and are tailored to match them.

Benefits of a Shadforth Advisor

You Advisor from Shadforth will be a thorough professional who will be by your side to help you work out exactly where you want to go and guide you on how to get there. As a project Manager, he will act as your advisor, coach, and educator.







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